Offer Your Clients a Proven Deliverable to Improve Their Business and Profitability by Enhancing the Overall Skillsets of Their Employees...

Are You Tired of Always Creating New Materials and Product Offerings for Your Consultancy to Keep Growing?

Starting Today... You Don't Have to Do That Any Longer. The Pro Program Is Your Missing Link. Done-for-You, 100% Turn-Key, Fully Managed, Hosted, and Updated.

From the desk of Alan Summers

Let me share some brief insight into our Pro Program.

This fully engineered, turn-key program is designed specifically for Business Consultants, Advisors, Coaches and Trainers. Consider the Pro program ideally suited for lead generation, exit sales, project expansion, client recognition, long-term engagement, retention, and more.

We provide you every advantage with up-to-date training materials, a custom co-branded website, a student learning portal, a demo platform and 24/7 support for starters.  All the necessary tools for you and your clients’ online learning success. 

Review this page to fully comprehend the scope of this program.

To your continued success!

Alan Summers LLC

Pro Program

Commonly Asked Questions

What domain name do I use?

Included Domains

We include sub-domains for your website, demo courses site, registration, and user login pages. For your clients with less than 100 seats will utilize your standard sub-domain addresses. Each client you have with 101 seats will receive their own user login and registration sub-domains.

Recommended Actions

To improve accessibility for your clients and their employees you may want to consider acquiring a .com or .net domain name address and then HTTPS redirect those domains addresses to your sub-domain addresses. Your clients who have their own sub-domain addresses can do the same thing.

Note: Do not use a frame redirect as our system will block it and your pages will not be shown.


How can the Pro Program help me generate more leads?

Your Co-Branded Website

The done-for-you co-branded website is included with every Pro Program. This site is customized at your time of registration with color schemes, co-branded video introduction, your logo placement, and a customized contact form. This site can benefit further with a specific domain name with a HTTPS redirect to your sub-site domain address (example Do not use a frame redirect as our system will block it and your pages will not be shown.

Lead Generation/Lead Disbursement

As part of the included website, we have removed all reference to pricing. You are provided instead with a customized contact form. This form once completed by the visitor is directed specifically to you for your additional sales efforts.

DEMO Courses Site Access

You are provided with a Demo Courses co-branded website. This site contains 3 popular training courses along with all support materials. This Demo Courses Site is designed to give your chosen guest a test drive of the course layout, content, and deliverables.

You are provided with unlimited Demo Courses Site access for your use in marketing. Use this site to your advantage - people like seeing what they can expect to receive before making purchasing decisions.

How does a user / student access the training courses?

Types of User Access

There are only 2 methods of user access.

(1) From your included website the user clicks on the link to Login (found at the top and bottom of pages on your website).

(2) The user follows a link you or your client has provided to them which takes them directly to the training courses login page.

Types of User / Seat Registration

There are only 2 methods of registration.

(1) You provide your client's user with a special registration access link. This link is common to your account for all users in clients below 101 seats and likewise in your client exceeding 101 seats the link provided is common to their account for which you maintain financial responsibility.

(2) You provide us with the .csv add user form (we provide a template for your use). Feel free to mix these methods depending on your specific needs.

Method (1) is preferred by most participants in the Pro Program. But take notice that you are responsible financially for every registration that occurs in your account and your client's accounts. Method (2) provides you the most security as no-one, but you will ever be able to access any automated registration; be forewarned with this method there is additional processing time required on your end and ours.

How does my client pay for their training courses?

Payment Processing

Because each of you maintain various methods to invoice and receive payment from clients, and since with this program you will 100% determine your retail pricing, we have removed all reference to pricing throughout the entire Pro Program platform.

You will be responsible for collecting payments from your clients for their user seats.

If you are charging your clients for course access at all and not otherwise including fees in their other projects, agreements etc. with you. We highly recommend that if you are billing the client that you do so monthly by following the example of our own consolidated invoicing method with billing in arrears.

How do I add or delete users?

Adding/Deleting Users

The process of adding users can be accomplished two ways. 

(1) You provide your client's user with a special registration access link. This link is common to your account for all users in clients below 101 seats and likewise in your client exceeding 101 seats the link provided is common to their account for which you maintain financial responsibility.

(2) You provide us with the .csv add user form (we provide a template for your use). Feel free to mix these methods depending on your specific needs.

For deleting users: Upon your registration you will be provided a .csv template that you simply complete and submit to us prior to the end of the current calendar month.

Adding/Deleting Clients

The process of adding clients can be accomplished by completing a new client account set-up form that you will be provided upon your registration into the Pro Program. Once you have completed the registration form you will forward that to us. Set-up of a new client account takes additional time so please be patient.

For deleting clients: Perhaps the simplest procedure in the Pro Program. You contact your account managers who are assigned to you after your registration. Inform them of the deletion, the effective date of the deletion and MOST IMPORTANTLY the method you prefer to handle the now orphaned users.

What is a learning portal or learning hub?

Your Primary Learning Hub

The primary learning hub is designated to be the seat holders main learning access point. Keep in mind we do all the set-up* and maintenance for you.

After your registration into the Pro Program, you will receive a new client set-up form that you will fill-out and return to us. Establishing and setting up your account is a customized process and requires some additional time to complete - please be patient.

* We do not set-up forwarding/redirecting of any domain addresses.

Your Client's Learning Portal

This type of portal is designated for clients that meet the criteria of 101 or more user seats. They receive this feature at no-charge. You will provide us with your client's details using the new client set-up form that you will be provided after your registration into the Pro Program is completed.

If you have clients that do not meet the 101 user seats size requirement, they can still have this level of access enabled. There will be a fee of $295 annually for each client you provide with this optional set-up type.

The Client Learning Portal is a customized set-up and requires some additional time to establish - please be patient. Please note that we do all the set-up* and maintenance for your client's portal.

* We do not set-up forwarding/redirecting of any domain addresses.

Is the billing process difficult or time consuming?

Billing in the Arrears

All of our billing to you is one-month in the arrears. This is so you have time to analyze our invoices by comparing them to your records. Further, this allows us adequate time to properly process all the add / delete user seat requests.

If at any time you stop your participation in the Pro Program you will receive a final statement the month following your cancellation month-end and a charge will be processed to the payment method on file for final account settlement.

.csv Records

At the end of each calendar month, we will generate .csv reports for your main account and additional .csv reports for each of your individual client accounts. These files will be zipped together and forwarded to you.

When we send you the current month's .csv records we will attach a current month statement of account. We will then charge your payment method on file for the prior month's statement balance. 

Payment Method on File

A requirement of the Pro Program is that we have a valid credit (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover) card or debit card on file at all times for your account. This card information is provided during your account set-up process. You can make changes to your payment method directly with us at any time.

Are there any restrictions for my clients or their users?

Personal Use License

All of the courses contained in the All Access Pass are for personal study only. Your client's and users cannot repackage, resell, or redistribute this training or any of its content. The contents of each training course are protected by copyright laws.

There must be some fees. What are they? How do they work?

Pro Program Annual Fee

The Pro Program annual fee is $2700, auto renewed on each recurring anniversary date.

Once you enroll in the Pro Program your annual fee WILL NOT increase.

Take a close look at the BONUS below. If you were to enroll the bonus seats, then this bonus has a profit potential of $7200 annually. A 266% return on your annual investment all by itself (18.75 total user seats at $12 per month is break-even).

User Seat Fee

You are charged a fee of $4 per user seat monthly. You can add/delete users as necessary.

Note: If you chose to invoice your clients annually be sure to remember that we will be billing you for their user seats monthly.

BONUS - After you have paid the Pro Program annual fee, we provide 50 users / seats at no additional cost to you each year. We encourage you to use these 50 users/ seats to introduce your prospects to this training in its entirety. Remember, as we have discussed, you are free to add and remove users at any time - that includes these licenses as well. So, depending how you distribute these, length of access, purpose (such as a trial use period) etc. You can readily have 50 no-cost user seats available for your own marketing or client purposes.

Common Optional Services

We want to tell you that our platforms are built mainly using HTML with HD video. However, we can also incorporate SCORM formats as well. In fact, we mix both HD Video and SCORM 1.2 methods currently on many sites.

From time to time you may require additional training courses be added to a client account. This could be because they have unique or required courses for their employees or special training for their end-users.

We utilize our Vistics Creatives talent pool to make just about anything possible. We are pleased to work with you in the creation of a workable plan to meet your customized client requirements.

I know there are no guarantees... But, can I make a profit?

How Many Clients Do You Have?

*The table below does not include the annual profit from your 50 included user seats of $7,200.

Client Size -->

1-50 Users

51-100 Users

101-250 Users

250+ Users

Your Retail Monthly Fee Per User Seat





# of User Seats Per Client





Your Cost Per User Seat





Total You Bill Each of Your  Clients





Total We Bill You for Each Client





Your Monthly PROFIT Per Each Client  





Your Annual PROFIT Per Each Client  





I have 10 clients who vary in size... Will I make a profit?

Let's assume that you only have 10 clients who vary in size, and you are using your included Bonus 50 Seats for other purposes.

What Does Your Profit Potential Look Like? 

Client Count, Size & Fee/mo

Your Billing To Clients/mo

Our Billing To You/mo

Profit Generated/mo

1 x 10 users $12/mo user




3 x 25 users $12/mo user




3 x 100 users

$11/mo user




1 x 150 users $11/mo user




1 x 200 users

$10/mo user




1 x 400 users $9/mo user




10 Clients / 885 Users



$4,540/mo FEES

$7,030/mo YOUR PROFIT





Are You Continually Looking for Ways to Generate Additional Revenue Streams? Does it Seem You Are Always Searching for Methods to Increase Profits for Your Firm?

If YES, then you are in the right place. You are like most of our Pro Program Partners who have struggled in the past to find practical solutions for their clients; viable options that do not require vast amounts of time and skilled labor in order to remain central as your client's trusted advisory team.

Today, we introduce you to your solution!

Each course we deliver is comprehensive and includes all the materials necessary for students to completely grasp new concepts. All of our 180+ training courses are divided across 15 categories. We have packaged all categories and courses into our All Access Pass.

Watch the video below to learn just how this works.

You May Ask... How Can My Consultancy Utilize These Training Solutions to Our Advantage?

Here are a few ways others have done just that:

  • As a lead generation tool using the included website and the built-in lead forms.
  • By adding the All Access Pass as an additional marketing channel.
  • Providing fresh content to enhance sales efforts at all stages of sales process.
  • By including training as an add-on/enhancement to current deliverables.
  • Using as an exit sale at close of initial client project.
  • By creating a gateway to your other in-house solutions/products/projects.
  • Incorporate the All Access Pass courses into your own employee training.
  • Use as a long-term extension for all your client engagements.
  • Plus... many more!      FAQ

(Included Bonus)  Co-Branded Website