Humble Beginnings

In October 2005, our Founder Alan Summers enjoyed his weekly tradition, a dinner special at a small suburban Chicago diner. This experience was much like all the others except this night Alan had a vision, "My Business - My Life". Taking a napkin from the table and the pen from his pocket he jotted down the simplicity of his years of business experience. He thought if every entrepreneur followed five simple principles they would ease much of the uncertainty experienced with business ownership.

My Business My Life
  1. Blueprint - Planning is critical. The entrepreneur must always be looking towards the future. "Management with Vision".
  2. Foundation - Must be strong and able to support the weight of the organization.
  3. Structure - Built to withstand the challenges the business will experience going forward.
  4. Culture - Created to provide the business with the opportunity for long-term success.
  5. People - Well trained and informed employees. True assets of the business not additional liabilities.

The rest of this story is rewritten daily. Welcome to Vistics Media.

"Management with Vision" stands as a constant reminder of our goal to step away from the norm and provide the tools and technology necessary for business to succeed and prosper in the 21st century.

About Us

Vistics Media is a growing business conglomerate with its primary directive being "Management with Vision".

Today, Vistics Media is focused on transforming an organization's behavior and knowledge with bite-sized, easily digested training deliverables. Our group of companies, individually and collectively, further work to strengthen an organization's foundational skillsets. We are primarily concerned with the following disciplines:

  • Administrative
  • Employee Career Development
  • Entrepreneur & Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Supervision & Management
  • Personal Development
  • Online Business & IM
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Workplace Essentials

Group of Companies

Vistics Media LLC
Worldlink Institute LLC
Vistics LLC

Our Team

Our Team

We like to say... "We Are the Best-of-the-Best!"

Spanning the Vistics Media Group of Companies - Special People, Special Skillsets and All Client First Focused.

What Others Are Saying



Film Producer & Entrepreneur

"I have been using your training for some time now. After I took a couple of individual classes I decided to step-up and invest in your All Access savings program,  that was a good decision. I can learn anything I want now anytime I want to. I am glad that I discovered you. One other thing, I have really enjoyed using the guidebook because it follows the actual video training and gives me a better experience. All I can say now is thank-you!"



Independant Freelance Designer

"I began my learning in the Microsoft Office 2016 category. I was totally impressed and I learned a lot. My career is in graphic design and I was really impressed with the high quality graphics used in so many aspects of the training material. I have since purchased the all-access pass program to save money. I am currently working my way through a couple of the other categories now and I am committed to finishing each and every course. I would recommend this training to everyone."



Marketing Consultant

"Due to my obligation to always stay on the top of my game within my professional industry, I ordered a couple of the online courses. Now I have access to the entire catalog. I am most pleased with the quality of the content and structure of these courses. I will recommend these courses to others and be scheduling more courses for myself."